I don’t see many rude comments on my work. But when I do, I just kinda read them and smile to myself.

Because Robin would make a perfect tentacled lady.

Because Robin would make a perfect tentacled lady.


it hit me pretty damn hard. *netflix my soul away*

Vivi x Nami WIP

Vivi x Nami WIP

Would you guys ever buy my sketchbooks, or do I gotta keep dreamin’ big?


The Sailor Scout, Fantasy RPG set!



Thank you everyone for bringing me all the way to 3000 followers! Not bad for 10 months of blogging. I’ve had a lot of fun on tumblr, and I felt like I’ve been overdue to make something to show a little appreciation to the blogs that I follow who have helped make my dash so enjoyable. So thank you to everyone I follow, and to all the artists and graphics makes and other bloggers who I don’t follow but whose work I still always love seeing! Thank you everyone for making the One Piece fandom here such a warm and incredible one!


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*casually freaks out*

senhyuugahara asked:
Do you still take requests?

Certainly! Requests are pretty much always open, but I don’t do them all, and I take years. xD

whisklash replied to your post: Watched the first episode of Sailor Mo…

I’ve yet to watch it, but I see a lot of excitement over it. I saw what the anime style looked like though and I hhehh…’d away

I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt, like perhaps there would be something to distract me from the art style. But nope… 10/10 can’t do.

RobinxNami requested by anon~

RobinxNami requested by anon~